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Brooks Mershon

N262PD Pitts S-1S Brooks Mershon

Software Engineer at UNAVCO, working on neat Geodesy stuff.

Brand Ambassador for Mile High Gliding at Boulder Airport.

Owner of Boulder Pilot, LLC, which offers transition training, ferry pilot services, and experimental flight test consultation based out of the Boulder/Denver area Asheville, North Carolina and surrounding airports.

I currently own and operate a Pitts Special S-1S, competing in the Rocky Mountain Chapter 12 of the International Aerobatic Club.

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🆕 Projects

See my latest work on Observable.

# Grid Cycles Grid Cycles

# The Little Schemer Code The Little Schemer [code]

# From Mathematics to Generic Programming From Mathematics to Generic Programming

# Category Theory (self-study module) [Wiki] Category Theory

# SIGGRAPH 2016: A Wide-Eyed Account [PDF] [SRC] SIGGRAPH 2016 Report

# Hofstadter Sequences Hofstadter sequences

# Equidecomposability equidecompose

# Laplacian Mesh Editing laplacian-meshes

# Shape Descriptors shape-descriptors

# Procrustes Alignment of 3D Meshes procrustes-alignment

# Specular Reflections (Echo Simulator 2016) specular-reflections

# WikiBlocks [VIDEO] [SRC] wikiblocks

# Context Sensitive Label Placement nuclear-testing

# Reid’s Conservation Legacy nevada-wilderness

# 2015 Cy Young Tracker Cy Young Tracker

# Teaching Topology with Code [PDF] [SRC] topology-with-applications

# Flickr [Medium] Chain Fence and Spinning Can

🛩️ Aviation

Brooks Mershon Pitts S-1S N262PD

FAA 4034486

EAA 1271516 (Flight Advisor)

IAC 440213


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Books, essays, films and other resources I have found to be particularly great or enriching. Updated frequently.

📷 Camera

Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo.

🎓 Education

Duke University

BS in Computer Science

May 2016 Durham, NC

Cum. GPA: 3.74 / 4.0

Duke Cycling Team Member

New York University

Writers in New York 2014

🕔 Experience


Software Engineer III

April 2021 - Present Boulder, CO

Mile High Gliding

Chief Pilot and Brand Ambassador

April 2021 - Present Boulder, CO

Boulder Pilot, LLC

Co-Owner and Pilot

March 2020 - Present Boulder, CO

Mile High Gliding

Manager and Pilot

January 2018 - April 2021 Boulder, CO

Trimble SketchUp

Software Developer

July 2016 - January 2019 Boulder, CO

The Washington Post

Graphics Intern

June 2015 - August 2015 Washington, D.C.

Duke University Press

Books Editorial Intern

January 2015 - May 2015 Durham, NC


Software Engineering Intern

May 2013 - August 2013 San Francisco, CA