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Brooks Mershon

Steen Skybolt N23JG Brooks Mershon

I run Mile High Gliding. I used to write code… I still do, too.

I offer ferry pilot services if you need a little airplane moved across the country.

I currently fly a big red biplane in Boulder, Colorado.

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EAA 1271516

IAC 440213

🆕 Projects

# Grid Cycles Grid Cycles

# The Little Schemer Code The Little Schemer [code]

# From Mathematics to Generic Programming From Mathematics to Generic Programming

# Category Theory (self-study module) [Wiki] Category Theory

# SIGGRAPH 2016: A Wide-Eyed Account [PDF] [SRC] SIGGRAPH 2016 Report

# Hofstadter Sequences Hofstadter sequences

# Equidecomposability equidecompose

# Laplacian Mesh Editing laplacian-meshes

# Shape Descriptors shape-descriptors

# Procrustes Alignment of 3D Meshes procrustes-alignment

# Specular Reflections (Echo Simulator 2016) specular-reflections

# WikiBlocks [VIDEO] [SRC] wikiblocks

# Context Sensitive Label Placement nuclear-testing

# Reid’s Conservation Legacy nevada-wilderness

# 2015 Cy Young Tracker Cy Young Tracker

# Teaching Topology with Code [PDF] [SRC] topology-with-applications

# Flickr [Medium] Chain Fence and Spinning Can

🛩️ Aviation

Steen Skybolt N23JG FAA 4034486

EAA 1271516

As of May 2020:

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